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Frequently Asked Questions

"Your team was just fantastic to work with.  Jay the salesperson was professional and did not pressure us into anything.  The people from your office were great on the phone and the installation team was wonderful.  Overall it was a fantastic experience"   

Another 5 star window review for Window Unvierse!  -  Melissa, Richmond, VA


All of the questions in this section were submitted either by visitors to the Window Universe website or by our past customers.  We've done our best to provide clear straightforward answers for everyone to see.


If you have a question that has not been addressed please use the form on the bottom of this page.  Your question may be posted to help everyone.  When we all work together things get much easier!




Do my husband and I both need to be home for your estimate?

No.  Many traditional contractors will insist that both parties be home during a presentation so they can try to pressure you into signing a contract on the spot. 


We don't do the old fashioned high pressure sales pitch and we don't need you both to be there. 


We do recommend that all of the interested parties be present if possible so we can answer all of your questions.  We understand that schedules are busy, and if this isn't possible that's just fine with us!


How come you don't need to measure the windows in order to give me prices?

We love this question!  Many contractors still use some of the old school tricks to justify their prices.  Charging more for a big window than a small one is a classic example of this.  The actual cost of the window varies very little, so we charge the same price regardless of the size. 


Our pricing only depends on the style of the window (i.e. double hung, picture window, etc).  This makes things much simpler and eliminates some of the old fashioned song and dance during the presentation. 


How can you give me a demonstration and an exact quote in 45 minutes when the last company I met with took 3+ hours?

So far this is our favorite question of the bunch!  The short answer is because we choose to.  We value your time and we understand that you probably have other things on your schedule. 


During your demonstration we'll tell you about our company and the windows that we offer.  We'll explain our lifetime window and labor warranties.  We'll tell you about the options that are available and we'll go through all of the prices with you.  We'll answer all of your questions and do our best to help you feel comfortable with the process.


All of that can be done in about 45 minutes.  Other companies need to take much more of your time because they spend their first two hours trying to justify their high prices and the next hour telling you about the "great" deal you're getting. 


Luckily our prices and our windows actually are great, so our story doesn't need to be long.


Someone knocked on my door recently and said they could offer me a discount because they were working in my neighborhood.  Is this a good deal?

Beware!  There are many contracting companies who go from neighborhood to neighborhood knocking on doors to solicit business.  You might even run into them at a gas station or warehouse store.  These are typically not good deals at all.  The cost of paying someone to go from door to door is pretty high and the company will need to recoup that cost from you!


These companies typically pull the old "buy today or the price goes up" tricks.  Remember this means they know that if you have time to look into it, you will not decide to work with them.


In a recent survey nearly 40% of homeowners who hired a door-to-door contractor said the contractor did shoddy work.  It's best to do a little research to find a company with a good reputation and a track record of satisfied customers. 


Do I need to make a decision on the spot?  I want to think it over to make sure I'm getting a fair deal.

You certainly do not need to sign up on the spot and we will not try to pressure you with "sign today or the price goes up" tactics.  While many of our customers do sign up right away you absolutely do not need to. 


All of our prices are guaranteed for 30 days so you'll have time to make sure you are comfortable with the decision to work with us.


How do I know that things are on schedule after I've ordered the windows?

This is a great question!  We will keep you informed through weekly email status updates until everything is complete.  Every Thursday you will receive an email letting you know the status of the project and confirming that everything is on track.  Of course you can always call to check anytime you like.


Some companies will take your money and leave you with no idea what is going on until they show up two months later with a pickup truck full of windows.  We thought there was probably a better way to keep you informed!


What's the difference between an R-Value and a U-Factor?

This is a common question.  Some companies will try to confuse the issue of efficiency by talking about R-Values.  Typically R-Values are used to measure the efficiency of the glass in a window rather than the efficiency of the entire window.  This is a little misleading and it's done that way on purpose. 


U-Factors provide a better measure of efficiency because they take into account the efficiency of the entire window.  This is why the new tax credit is based on U-Factors not R-Values.


How long will it take to get new my new windows? 

ALL of our windows are custom made and ordered to 1/8" specifications.  This is done to make sure they fit exactly right in your home.  This is the best way to get maximum efficiency, because it virtually eliminates the potential of drafts coming around the windows. 


The actual installation will only take 1 or 2 days depending on how many windows you have.  We work hard to get things done quickly and to minimize the disruption to your schedule.


The total time to measure, manufacture and install your new windows can vary, but a timeline of 3-5 weeks from start to finish is typical.


Your quote is much lower than another estimate I received.  What am I sacrificing by going with you as opposed to the higher priced company?

We employ a number of strategies to keep our prices low.  For instance, some companies in the area will spend $100,000 per year on ads in the Yellow Pages.  Some will spend even more on ads in the newspaper and on TV.  Do you think they need to recoup these costs by charging higher prices?  They certainly do.


You're not sacrificing anything!  We offer great products at great prices with great service and great warranties to back them up.  Please read the quotes and watch the videos on our website.  Our customers know a great deal when they see one!


Paying too much is so 2007!


What do I get for $253 per window?

You get nationally recognized name brand double hung windows professionally installed complete with custom exterior trim.  You can see in the "Our Windows" section that our windows have many features that other companies either do not offer or charge a premium for. 


This is at the core of our philosophy of offering great products and great prices.


Will these windows qualify for the tax credit?

Yes.  Almost all of the windows and doors we offer will qualify for the tax credit when you select a qualifying glass option.  We offer several choices so you can select the windows and the efficient glass option that works best for you.


We'll be happy to go through all of the options with you.  We love talking efficiency!


I want new windows, but I'd rather not dip into my savings.  Do you have any payment options?

We sure do.  We've partnered with Wells Fargo to offer several great financing options.  It can really make sense to spread out your payments to avoid filling up your credit cards or dipping into savings. 


We're currently offering 0% interest for 12 months or 9.9% financing to keep your payments low. To learn more about the payment options and see examples of real customers and real projects just click here(There is also a link to our online application at the bottom of that page.)


Some customers are surprised to learn how affordable financing can be especially when you consider the monthly savings in your utility bills after the new windows are installed.


I see you do a lot for the environment, do you use recycled vinyl in the windows?

Thanks for noticing, we do try to do our part for the environment.  The quick answer to this one is no.  All of the vinyl in our windows is 100% virgin vinyl.  That means it has never been anything other than a window.  This is necessary to maintain the strength and durability that we require. 


Recycled or "regrind" vinyl has serious shortcomings and cannot be used to make a quality window.  Luckily, vinyl can be easily recycled and the scrap material in the plants is recycled into other products.


How can I know that you really provide good service?

This is a question every homeowner asks.  We can make a nice looking website and we can post videos of customers, but how can you be sure you're really looking at a company with a strong track record?  Here are a few ways you can tell that satisfied customers are our business.

1. You can look us up with the Better Business Bureau by clicking the button at the bottom of every page.  You'll see that we have an "A+" rating (the highest rating possible!) and we have never had a single complaint.  Some companies in this industry have several complaints and often times the complaints are still unresolved.  This is important to check. 


2. If you have a subscription you can look us up on Angie's List by clicking the button at the bottom of every page.  It's against Angie's rules for us to tell you what our rating is, but you can probably assume we wouldn't put a link on every single page if we didn't have many many great reports!


3. We'll be happy to provide you with a list of our past customers so you can call them and talk about their experience with us. 


Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes.  Many area companies will only work in one or two jurisdictions because they cannot meet the licensing and insurance requirements in all of the local counties. 


We can and we do.



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"Really a great job. I got exactly what I asked for and didn't get the runaround at all!"

top rated window company  -  Clint, Short Pump, VA



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"Great job!  I really appreciated the quick response to a concern I had.  Your company is very professional"


window universe reviews



Richmond, VA





"The new doors look and feel great.  I can't believe I lived with that old sliding door for so long!"


window universe reviews



Fredericksburg, VA




"I really liked the color options.  My condo had old dark brown windows.  The new windows look great and the color matches the rest of the building"


window universe reviews



Richmond, VA





"Nice work!"


window universe reviews



Fredericksburg, VA




"The team was on time and cleaned up very well"


window universe reviews


-Jim & Mandy

Short Pump, VA





"The crew leader Dale was very helpful.  They were a little late to arrive, but they did call first.  Other than that everything was really great!"


window universe reviews



Rockville, VA





"It's obvious why your company just won the Angie's List Super Service Awards!"


window universe reviews



Richmond, VA





"Thanks to all involved.  We did have one windows that was cracked upon installation.  The team told us about it, promptly ordered a replacement part and was back quickly to fix everything up.  We understand that windows do break sometimes.  We appreciated the communication and the speedy remedy"


window universe reviews


-Jeff & Sandy

Richmond, VA





"The new French door and garden window really changed the back of our home.  Now there is so much light I just love it!"


top rated window company



Richmond, VA






top rated window company



Hanover, VA





"Great work!"


window universe reviews



Mechanicsville, VA




"Everything looks great.  I can't believe the difference"


window universe reviews



Richmond, VA




"The new windows give the house a really fresh look.  Thanks Window Universe"


window universe reviews



Mechanicsville, VA







top rated window company



Short Pump, VA





"I appreciated the no pressure sales process more than anything"


window universe reviews



Fredericksburg, VA




"The team was on time, worked efficiently and cleaned up well.  I couldn't have asked for more"


window universe reviews



Fredricksburg, VA







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